medicalMedicine: Our hospital is full-service, with four veterinarians and four licensed technicians to provide your pet with the best diagnostic and therapeutic medicine available. We have on site modern digital x-ray equipment for high quality radiographs, and laboratory equipment to test your pet’s blood and urine to aid in the prompt diagnosis of many disorders. We also use a commercial veterinary laboratory for more testing and specialist consultations. Our hospital is equipped to treat conditions that can vary from skin disease to major illness requiring hospitalization and intensive care.

surgerySurgery: Our state-of-the-art surgical suite allows the performance of a wide variety of surgical procedures, including spays, neuters, tumor removals and exploratory surgery. We also have a mobile board certified surgeon available to perform orthopedic and other specialized surgery. We utilize the safest available anesthesia, using modern equipment to deliver anesthesia and monitor your pet’s vital signs throughout surgery.

densityDentistry: We provide dental services for your pet, including dental prophylaxis (cleaning, polishing and fluoride treatment of teeth), digital dental radiographs, tooth extractions and oral surgery. Dentistry is performed under general anesthesia, using safe and modern equipment and constant monitoring.

bordingBoarding: Pet boarding is a service we offer to our clients. Pets are kept in a climate-controlled environment. Boarding dogs are walked twice a day, and cats are boarded in a separate room to provide quiet surroundings. All boarders receive personal attention from our caring staff. Pets can be dropped off and picked up during our regular business hours, and can be bathed before pickup on request.

preventingPreventative care: We provide all the routine vaccinations your pet requires, along with stool testing for parasites; de-worming; flea control; nutritional counseling; advice on puppy and kitten care and micro chipping, to keep your pet healthy and safe from disease and also help locate them if they are lost.

specialistSpecialist consultations: if your pet needs a specialist service, we have specialists available for consultation. Board certified radiology, cardiology, and surgery specialists are available to examine your pet and perform and interpret ultrasounds and ECGs at our hospital. In addition, our doctors can consult with pathologists and internal medicine specialists over the phone to determine the best plan for your pet’s care.